Creativity will be Blooming at Summer Arts Camp 2015

by Susan Faye Roberts

The Hot Springs Artists Society is sponsoring the Summer Arts Camp beginning July 20th through to July 31st, 2015 with a generous grant from the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation. This camp offers youngsters the chance to birth a life-long passion for the arts and the blooming of their creativity.

This year the first week of camp will be focused on teaching the children the technical skills in drawing, painting and sculpture. Students will be learning the basic elements of drawing and going on art walks to experience their community by drawing it.

They will learn how to make paints from natural materials and the basics of composition and color with the opportunity to make paintings.

In sculpture the children will experience first hand how to craft cob sculpture in at least three public places. Cob is a combination of straw and clay and will be used to cover furniture designed by the students constructed of straw and chicken wire.

Week two of the camp will focus on performance art.

It begins with a two hour lecture by Nathan Eyre, a musician who crafts cigar box guitars, in Polson, Montana. The students will then be given the chance to create a cigar box guitar or assist in making a large PVC organ and wind harp.

The students will receive instruction in aerial silks with Raven Summer, who was at last years camp and was well received. Katherine Wildberger, a professional dancer from Vassar College and resident of St. Ignatius, Montana during the summer will be giving instruction in dance and choreography. Susan Ferguson, local musician and singer, will give explore singing and playing musical instruments with the camp participants.

The camp director, Susan Roberts will work with the instructors during the week to implement a public performance with all the new skills the children learn which will be held on Saturday afternoon August 1st for the public’s enjoyment.

Camp will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and will include a healthy lunch.
After the public performance, camp will end like a summer camp should with a cook out. Enrollment is limited to thirty children ages six and up.

For more information or to sign up to receive an art camp packet call Susan Roberts at (406) 741-5210.
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