Emily's Eyes (Kilbourne Clan) Kindle Edition
by Sharon Flesch (Author)

Life on the Kilbourne Cattle Ranch is changed when Addy's son, Chad, come to live and work on the ranch. Addy and Jack face secrets of their past while Will and Chad share a secret that may endanger them all. Will the faith this family shares enable them to overcome and love not only each other but the stranger among them?


The Courtship of Amanda Timmons (Timmons Saga Book 1) Kindle Edition
by Sharon Flesch (Author)

When Amanda's abusive husband is about to be charged with a crime, he commits suidide, leaving her and their five young children with nothing. Having no other choice, she moves back to her hometown to live with her father and stepmother until she can get back on her feet. Is it possible her father is worse than her husband was; the children think so. Watch as this story of love and faith, once lost and found again, plays out before your eyes.


Montana Morning (Kilbourne Clan Book 1) Kindle Edition
by Sharon Flesch (Author)

Life on the Kilbourne Cattle Ranch will never be the same.

Nestled in a remote Montana mountain valley, this has always been a peaceful place. Jack, his dad, Will, and Andy have always kept it simple - hard work and a feeling of contentment at the end of the day. They like it that way.

When Jack finds his long lost daughter, his life seems complete until tragedy strikes leaving him to raise an injured grandson he has never met. The men are definately going to need help.

Jack thinks he's found just what the doctor ordered. What he doesn't realize is the 'sweet little lady' is going to turn their lives upside down and inside out. Determined to turn the old ranch house into a home and this bunch of contankerous men into a family, Adrianna Banks, armed with her faith in God and a quiet sense of humor, sets out to just that.