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Getting divorced shouldn't have to suck! I wrote this book for you lady.  It tells you how to take the pain, heartbreak, frustration, embarrassment, shame, suffering, and humiliation of your divorce and kick it to the curb!

That's right -- You might lose the house & the kids every other weekend, but NEVER your sense of style!

This campaign helps fund a print run of this book, and for every $25 donation you make, you will receive a copy.

About this project:  When I was getting divorced in 2004, it seemed like everywhere I went I saw glossy magazine "style guides" -- what to wear, how to decorate, what music to play at the party -- for every other phase of a woman's life:  college, your first apartment, wedding, baby, on and on!  I felt left out. Where was the Style Guide to Divorce?  I decided to write it.  Every time I felt like bad, I'd make myself feel better by writing another chapter. And eventually (thanks to NaNoWriMo in November 2013) I had a whole book.

Here are some of the chapter headings:

- The History of Divorce Style
- Divorce Style at Home: What to Do with 50% of the Furniture
- Creativity: Silk Purses, Sows’ Ears, & His Golf Clubs
- The Fashionable Litigant: Boots for Kicking Some Legal @#%!
- Exercise: Strong Body, Clear Mind, Open Heart 
- Your Spirituality: The Patron Saints of Divorce 
- Divorce Travel: Go to Your Happy Place
- The Five Stages of Divorce
- Astrology: Your Divorce Horoscope
- Wash That Man Right Out of Your Hair: Rituals for Moving On

Working on this project made me laugh during some pretty difficult days. It did make my friends look at me strangely.  Some even scolded me for playing up the humor and accused me of not taking it seriously, or even of not "moving on."   But I was taking it seriously.  I wanted to see my divorce as a positive choice, not something that just had to be endured.

My target audience is women (sorry, guys.) My niche target audience is female lawyers, and divorce attorneys. I plan on taking the book to their professional conferences and also promote the book at regional independent book stores.

About me:  I'm a small-town lawyer in rural Montana, and I don't take divorce cases!  When I moved here in 2013, I had lots of time on my hands, and I remembered that this book was the one I was going to write "when I had more time."  And so I did.

I hope you love reading this book as much as I loved writing it!

For more info, here's a link to the Kickstarter campaign.  Style Guide Kickstarter Campaign.   And for more, more info, here's a link to my blog: Style Guide to Divorce Blog

The Style Guide to Divorce!
Kathy McEnery (Author)

Montana lawyer Kathy McEnery has written a hilarious book that every woman and her divorce attorney should have. The wit and wisdom in each chapter includes: How to Decorate with 50% of the Furniture Boots for Kicking Some Legal @#%! Wash that Man Right Out of Your Hair Music to Get Divorced By Creativity: Silk Purses, Sows’ Ears, & His Golf Clubs The Best Divorce on Film How-To: The Nuts & Bolts of Divorce Jokes, Book Review, Divorce Horoscope, & More He may take the house, he might take half your IRA, he can even take the kids every other weekend, but he can't take your sense of style! You must read this book!